PKAP is always interested in documenting the archaeological experience and obtaining different views on our work. One area we have been exploring is podcasting. During the 2008 fieldseason, Bill Caraher spent some time helping PKAP staff members create podcasts about various aspects of the project.

2008 Podcasts

The Mundane Matter of Sustenance
Excavations on Vigla: Week 1
Excavations on Vigla: Week 2
A Saturday Morning on Bronze Age Kokkinokremos
The Ceramicist at the Museum
An Afternoon with the Registrar


In 2005, Joe Patrow, took lots of video footage that eventually was edited down into the documentary Survey on Cyprus. During his time on the island, Joe interviewed Bill Caraher, Scott Moore, and David Pettegrew about the basics of the project. Since the footage of the interviews were sort of boring, they did not make it into the final version. The audio from the interview, though, is actually quite informative about parts of the project. We are in the process of making these interviews available as podcasts. We are also hoping to add others to the site in the next few months.

The Beginning
First Voice:
Dr. R. Scott Moore
"I was the first..."
Second Voice
Dr. William Caraher
"Dave and I..."
Third Voice
Dr. David Caraher
"I was talked into...
Survey Archaeology
First Voice:
Dr. David Pettegrew
"Survey Archaeology tells..."
Second Voice
Dr. William Caraher
"Anyone who travels.."
Robert E. Cook Honors College Students Spend the Summer in Cyprus
Students of the Robert E. Cook Honors College on the Campus of IUP are Creating a Whole New World Through
Second Life