We were fortunate to be able to work with independent filmmaker Josiah Patrow and his company PatrowVisual for 2 seasons (2005 &2007). Our first documentary "Survey on Cyprus" premiered in Fall 2006 in Grand Forks, North Dakota and has been broadcast on several PBS stations. The documentary, which runs 28 minutes in length, is designed for broadcast and classroom use. Its short length and abundant extras (including in-depth interviews with both the filmmaker and the archaeologists, photographs, computer animations, as well as the amusing outtakes) allows for it to be embedded within a classroom and it is well-suited to work alongside material available at the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project's website. Partial financial support for the Survey on Cyprus was provided through the Office of Instructional Development at the University of North Dakota.

A trailer for the documentary is available below, or you can view the entire documentary.

To read the documentary transcript

During the summer of 2007, through the generous support of IUP's College of Humanities and Social Sciences, we were able to bring Joe back to Cyprus and he prepared a series of short features that we have made available on the web.


View from Vigla
A view of the PKAP area
from the the top of Vigla. 
First view is looking east
and then the camera pans westward


PKAP Field team preparing to survey
IUP undergraduates Sara Fortnam,
Kevin Eckerd, and Brian Willis
receive morning briefing from
Field Director David Pettegrew
before beginning daily survey.

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